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Backdrop Banner

Captivate Attention at your Event

A traditional and cost-effective way to promote your business through offline means.

Best for Advertisement or Event Photoshoots

Backdrops are an essential prop and tool for every major corporate party or event. Pictures taken in front of a backdrop go a long way in publicising your event, company or sponsors. This is especially important for recurring events. Friends of your attendees and potential customers can easily identify your company and/or sponsors from pictures taken. Nothing adds more value to corporate event than a simple backdrop. Add your logo, your sponsors and partner's logo and slogans, and captivate attention!


- Photos with a corporate identity

- Easy to set up in the morning, and quickly store away.

Great for:

- Major Corporate Events

- Annual Parties

- Festivals

- Special Occassions

We will design and/or print any size, and can last for years.

1-3 Business Days Turn Around Time

Product Description

Choose From:

Any Size


- Vinyl Print

- High Quality Steel Stands

- Rigid Signage

How To Order:

Call Us: (613)-742-0238 or (613)-695-0238

Email: Carlos Graphics

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